Ocean Clip-On Fenders


These innovative fenders are constructed of a solid cushion of durable polyurethane and clip-on to railings and gunwales so they're always ready to deploy.

Ocean fenders provide exceptional boat protection and long life -  they can't be punctured or deflate.

Available in 4 sizes for vessels up to 15 metres or 50'.

A1 - 16 cm x 38 cm

A2 - 20 cm x 46 cm

A3 - 23 cm x 53 cm

A4 - 25 cm  x 60 cm

Clips on to most guardrails and gunwales.

The clip-on feature means they're always in the right place ready to go! Not stored away in a locker or basket.

Unique features of the 'Clip-on":

  • In place where you need them with correct line length - ready in seconds.
  • No need for fender baskets or other inconvenient stowage.
  • They don't get in the way on the side decks.
  • Once they are hung over the side of the boat they protect it, remaining steady even in strong wind because they are solid.
  • Solid construction means they can't be punctured or deflate


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