CRISTEL - 10 Piece Mutine Marine Special Pot Set





Mutine Collection - 10 Piece Marine Special Set

ST10QKGMEB Nesting 10pc  Marine Special Cookware Set

Triple Layer Base: 18-10 stainless steel -  Aluminum Accumulator -
Induction stainless steel base


CRISTEL Cookware is famous for it's fast heat up and even heat distribution.
The Mutine cooking system is ideal for cooking onboard.
Solid polished 18-10 stainless steel exterior and interior.
High performance with thermodiffuser base and triple thick aluminum accumulator:

• Exceptional thermal efficiency
Uniform spread of heat - No hot spots
• Retains heat longer for efficiency

Wide pouring edge for less mess
• Dishwasher and induction safe
• Use with all appliance types: gas, halogen, ceramic and induction.
• Lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects

The patented removable handles fit on the pots and lids making it safer and easier for onboard cooking.

The removable handles have a double safety feature that locks automatically (CRISTEL® patent).

Handles come off an on easily and pots nest so they're easy to stow and handle.

The Mutine collection is the perfect solution for cooking onboard:
• Compact - nesting storage (space-saving)
• Lifetime Warranty
• Safer for children: handles can be removed during cooking

ST10QKGMEB Marine 10pc Nesting Cookware Set contains:

24cm stewpot with lid
steamer basket 23 cm steamer basket

22 cm EXCELISS® non-stick coated sauté pan

18cm saucepan 18cm saucepan with lid

One Blue ink removable handle

Two Blue ink removable side handles

Reference: ST10QKGMEB

F24Q - 24 cm x 11.5cm - 5.1 litres Stewpot with lid
PMC23 - 23 cm x 9cm - 3.7 litre steamer basket
S22QE -  22 cm x 7cm - 2.6 litre Exceliss non-stick coated sautepan with lid                                                                                  C18Q - 18cm x 8.5cm - 2.1litre saucepan with lid
PMAEB -   (1) x Blue ink removable handle
PLMAEB - (2) x Blue ink removable side handles