Force 10 Small Burner Replacement kit




The Force 10 top burner retro-fit kits are designed to replace the entire burner with the new SABAF burner (SS burner cap) for older stoves that parts are no longer available for. The retro-fit kits offer a solution for burner caps, thermocouples, and burner housings that are no longer available for stoves older than the 2000 model year and are far less expensive than replacing the individual burner parts. They will work with most Force 10's manufactured between 1985 and 2000.

The kit updates the top burner to the newer standard with enhanced features such as a solid SS burner cap that is screwed down to reduce rattling from vibration.

(Note: these kits are intended for replacing top burners only. They cannot be used for replacing the oven burner.)

Parts included in the kit are:

Stainless steel burner cap x (1)

Flame Spreader x (1)

Burner cup x (1)

Orifice x (1)

Burner cap screws x (2)

Burner studs x (2)

Top Grid stand offs x (4)

Installation instructions.