Carbon 116w SOlar Panel


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With the new Carbon model SUNBEAMsystem offers a resilient solar panel with a very quick and simple installation on an existing canvas (for example a bimini).

Carbon fibre stiffener for a long life

The Carbon Quick Fix is a highly efficient solar panel built for a long life on top of Canvas. The Tough series materials offer an outstanding UV-resistance. Together with the built in Carbon Fibre stiffener which will prevent premature aging that might appear on a soft panel without adequate support. Especially the yachting community have previously experienced all kinds of failures on big solar panels (other brands) placed on cloth. Carbon addresses this and allows as much as a 116 Watt solar panel to be easily fitted on a canvas top. The strength/weight ratio of carbon fibre is important since the canvas will normally not support a heavy solution. The rare materials and build technology empower us to offer a unique 5-year warranty.

Detachable – easy install

The Quick Fix system allows for a semi-temporary mounting on canvas or other surfaces. Easy and fast to mount with the stainless steel studs. The Quick Fix system is the ideal solution to mount solar panels on a sprayhood or bimini.

The cells – 16% more power

The Carbon Quick Fix is a reinforced Tough+ with buttons for fitting on Canvas. The Tough+ serie is developed for professional purposes and high-end installations. All models are fitted with Sunpower™ cells with an efficiency of no less than 23.7%, resulting in a high production in relation to the used surface.

Shadow Optimized

Even though mostly placed in sunny areas, partial shadowing is more common than one might consider. The protected Swedish design results in a higher production while a shadow is covering parts of the panel.

Durable long life surface – UV proof

The Carbon Quick Fix is equipped with the same superior materials that have previously been developed for the original Tough series by SUNBEAMsystem. The innovative Tough surface offers a longer lifespan than any other thin and lightweight solar panel. The antislip profile catches more light in low sun angles. In addition, the dirt repellent properties also improve daily production by helping to keep the panels clean by rain.

Modern Design

The Black surface will match any type of colored canvas top. The edges are soft to allow a gentle interaction with the cloth. The transparency of the edges will let through the color of the cloth, hence not introducing any type of non matched color.


· 16% More Power

· Carbon Fiber reinforced

· UV-Proof &

· 5 Year Warranty

· Detachable for Sprayhood & Bimini

· Features Tough Surface