ENO Santorin Model 4310


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Santorin -  a single burner gas cook top (AGA version)

This one burner low profile cooker is perfect for small galleys where space is limited.

Flame failure protection and Integral pot holders ensure safe cooking at sea.

Stainless steel construction for ease of cleaning and long life.

Made in France to exacting specifications.

Model: 4310 1 Burner Built-in Hob

Gas: LPG regulated to 27.5 mbar

Weight 1.8kg

Overall Dimensions: 350mm L x 210mm W  x 127 mm Height

Depth Below counter top = 53mm   Height above counter including pot holders = 73.5mm

Cutout Dimensions: 330mm x 190mm

Burner Output: 1750 Watts / 5.9Mj/h

Consumption: 127 g/h