How to - Install Loxx Fasteners

LOXX easy on and easy off.

When under tension common "snap" fasteners can be very difficult to get on and off and a lot of force is needed to release the snap. Often the only way to get the snap off is to pull on the fabric and over time the fabric can be been damaged.

      Loxx fasteners are the solution.

They're easy to get on and off, never jam and the loxx washers grip the fabric over a wider area to prevent tears and fabric damage.

Even if the snap has already torn a hole in the fabric the loxx base will often be able to fix the problem.

Step 1. Remove the old snap.

Hold the head of the snap securely with pliers or vice-grips

and drill the center out

With the snap head removed you can see the damage to the fabric.


Step 2. Insert the Loxx head into the hole left by the snap.

In this case the tear left by the snap has widened the hole enough for the Loxx head fits easily through the fabric. You may need to use the hole punch in your Loxx kit to widen the hole.


Step 3. Thread the washer onto the head and tighten.

Installed Loxx Head

  The finished Loxx installation