Cold Chilli 12Volt DC and 24Volt DC Airconditioners



      DC Marine Air Conditioning

12 Volt or 24 Volt DC Marine Air Conditioning Units

  •    Energy saving
  •    No AC power required
  •    Compact Self-contained unit
  •    Ultra-Quiet operation
  •    Easy to install
  •    Stainless Steel Sound Insulated cabinet
  •    Digital Remote Control and Supervision
Extremely quiet; designed to allow overnight operation on DC power so you can shut down the generator and enjoy a good nights sleep in air-conditioned comfort.

Design Features:

Traditional marine air conditioning systems require large amounts of power so they can only be used when and AC generator is running or at the marina where shore power is available.

Cold Chilli's innovative small capacity DC Air Conditioning Units are designed for use directly from a 12 or 24 volt DC power supply from the vessels house battery bank.

No need for diesel generators, inverters or AC shore power.

Ideal for staterooms. Ultra-quiet operation allows under bunk installations.

A large battery bank and charging sources are required but Cold Chilli systems are efficient enough that many existing electrical systems have enough capacity to run the airconditioning in the sleeping cabin over night.

The Cold Chilli DC air-conditioning units are an all-in-one design with all components contained in a neat stainless steel casing for easy installation. The fully enclosed INOX housing with noise insulation enables installation under berths with direct circulation of cabin air through the AC unit.
A remote electronic thermostatic control unit is supplied and an optional control unit is available to allow the user to change the settings from a distance via a smart phone.

The optional remote operation control unit can also be used for complete remote boat supervision (battery voltage, bilge pump operation over time, boat position, engine revs, etc..).