SunBeamSystem Controllers

MoonRay MPPT Series

MoonRay 160 and 360
The MoonRay is optimized for a typical installation on a boat or motorhome. Often with a single solar panel or a couple of solar panels connected in parallel. Charging one or several 12v batteries
  • IP33 WaterProtection
  • Low-Self Consumption <13MA (`4mA for 320)
  • MultiConnect Free App
Picture of MoonRay 160 and 360 Controller

Mini-R Controller
Mini-R Solar Charge Controller
The Mini-R Solar Charge Controller might be the smallest 65A solar charge controller you have ever seen. As a so-called 'in-line' controller, its designed for mobile applications. Combine it with a solar panel (max. 65W) and you'll have an incredible portable solar power source at your disposal.
  • Micro-sized
  • Suited for Mobile Use
  • Water Proof Design
  • MC4 Connectors
Picture of MoonRay Mini-R Controller