Kuuma - 40611 - 24 litre Marine Hot Water System


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 Kuuma  (formerly branded Force 10 Marine)

Marine Storage Water Heater - 24 litre (6 Gallon)

Efficient, Versatile, Reliable and very Safe.

Front/Back Mounting Tabs

All Force 10 Marine Water Heaters come standard with

240 Volt Electric elements and High performance Heat
Exchange capabilities.

 Marine/RV Storage Water Heater - 24 litre (6 Gallon) with front/back mountings.

These marine hot water systems are designed for use in boats, and are also installed in many motor homes, RV's and transport trucks.

They heat water by:

- circulating engine cooling water through the heat exchanger.

- a 240 or 120 Volt AC electric element

The two systems can be used independantly or together to heat water.

- 1500 Watt AC element
- 240 Volts
- Large Heat Exchanger
- TIG welded aluminium tank and casing
- Front/Back mountings

Marine Water Heater - 24 litre (6 Gallon) storage capacity - 240 Volt Electric and high performance Heat Exchange capabilities.

* Not recommended for use with raw/salt water in the engine heat exchange circuit as this will shorten the life of your water heater.

Tested and certified to the latest Australian standard
AS/NZS 60335.2.21-2002 - ESO Approval No. Q080349
UL & CE certified including the marine supplement - ignition protected

Installed by:
Azzurra, Beneteau, Campion, Chris craft, Crownline, Doral, Donzi, Hunt, Hunter, Leopard, Nordic tug, Mustang, Princecraft, Sabre

Direct replacement for most Seaward, & Atwood Marine Water heaters.

Model: 40611
Capacity: 6 Gallons (24 litres)
Case Material: Aluminium
Voltage: 230 Volt AC 1500Watts
Heat Exchanger Position: front
Mount Postion: Sides
Length: 508 mm
Width: 346 mm
Height: 346mm
Dry Weight: 15kg

Also available with Sidemounting Tabs = Model 40610

Model 40610

Mount Postion: Front/Back
Length: 495 mm
Width: 394 mm
Height: 346 mm