About Us

Ocean Solutions International distributes Quality Marine and Caravan/RV products throughout Australia, and the Southern Asia-Pacific region. We are based in far south suburbs of Brisbane, Qld. Australia.

August 21, 2018 saw Ocean Solutions Pty Ltd sell the business and the business name to Marine Import Sales Group Pty Ltd. The new owners could see exciting potential in the company, and set forth to try and increase stock holdings, set the direction and focus of the business away from random products and start to focus on the path of Marine and RV Appliances specialising in galley/kitchen.

We started to clear some products and look at certifying new ranges, hobs, and quickly found that there were a lot of manufacturers who didn't have real control of their distribution, and didn't care who they sold to. This didn't match the focus or direction of the business who thought that customers should not only be able to buy a great product, but be able to get support, and access parts. We kept looking for, and found such suppliers do exist, and we are aligning with them, and will continue to seek quality and focused companies who have similar views.

We started on this journey, and then along came CoVid19 just as we started making headway. Supply lines tightened up, raw materials became difficult to get, and shipping became a nightmare with shipping times extending out anywhere up to 4 months late, and increasing up to 400% in cost. We have and are still working through this, and are now employing the services of several magic crystal balls to try and predict what is going to be needed in 12 months time for stock and ordering now.

We also expect that through 2021/2022 there will be some exciting new products becoming available as they become certified by the authorities.

The Ocean Solution Int. Team