Manuals and support information for the FORCE10 Ranges

Model difference
The model numbers we use in Australia are Axx Like A41 or A22 etc. The corresponding model in The USA and the European Union precedes the number in the dimension list above.
While the models share the same number the units themselves are different in the internal parts /materials used. Purchasing a unit from overseas with the corresponding number will not be an approved Australian model. This would mean that the unit, if in an Australian registered vessel would be illegal, and should fail an audit.

The manual is the same for all models of FORCE10
FORCE10 Manual

DimensionsExploded View


F63254_A24 A.pdf

F63258_A24 B.pdf




F70024_Trim Kit _ LHS.pdf
F70024_Trim Kit _ RHS.pdf

F70034_Trim Kit _ LHS.pdf
F70034_Trim Kit _ RHS.pdf







Fitting Guide

Force10 dimensions and fitting guide.pdf

Tips and guides that may assist you
Some of these are crude, but still may assist you in resolving issues that you may be having.
Some of the information found in the ENO and GN ESPACE Knowledge area is releveant to FORCE10 and worth looking at.

Flame failure and not staying lit

Electronic Spark Ignition.pdf

F10 Spark Troubleshooting.pdf

Oven temp and gas pressure.pdf

Grill burner replacement.pdf

Why Do Oven Doors Shatter?

Unfortunately, there are several reasons a glass over door can break. We think that they are unbreakable because they withstand so much heat, but it’s not really the case. Oven doors are definitely stronger than regular glass, however, during the tempering process, minor particles can be unknowingly pressed into the glass. Over time, these can expand, causing fractures and ultimate shattering.  Also, physical damage such as being bumped, slamming the door or closing the door with oven trays pulled out can cause minor damage that may cause the glass to explode at a later date.

Another cause of oven door glass breakage is cleaning. If you use caustic soda to clean the oven, it can scar or scratch the glass. It’s also a highly damaging substance when exposed to extreme heat, so if you don’t remove every drop when cleaning, it can damage your oven when it is next used.