Cut outs for fitting can be found in the manuals.

Manuals are usually for multiple models:

Exploded view
With part numbers (descriptions of parts are in French)
1833 - 3 Burner range with grill

1823 - 2 Burner range no grill

1813 - 2 Burner range with grill

1423 - 2 Burner range no grill

0614 - Atoll Single burner gimballed cooker

0623 - Duo Two burner gimballed cooker

4310 - Single burner built-in hob

4323 - Two burner built-in hob

4333 - Three burner built-in hob

87437 - Perigord wall oven
1833-Exploded View.pdf

1823-Exploded View.pdf

1813-Exploded View.pdf

1423-Exploded View.pdf

0614 Atoll-Exploded View.pdf

0623 Duo-Exploded View.pdf

4310 Single burner Hob-Exploded View.pdf

4323 Two burner Hob-Exploded View.pdf

4333 Three Burner Hob-Exploded View.pdf

87437-Exploded View.pdf

Other dimensions that we have available.


4310-Fitting dimensions.pdf

4323-Fitting dimensions.pdf

4333-Fitting dimensions.pdf

1423,1813,1823,1833 Fitting dimensions.pdf  The physical dimensions are the same for all these models

87437 Dimensions.PDF

Tips and guides that may assist you
Some of these are crude, but still may assist you in resolving issues that you may be having.
Some of the information found in the FORCE10 and GN ESPACE Knowledge area is releveant to ENO and worth looking at.

Flame failure and not staying lit.pdf

Oven temp no good.pdf

spark box replacement.pdf