Support Information for your GN ESPACE range

The manuals are for aseries with the exception of the OceanChef XL the 5 burner range

GNE Levante Manual AU.pdf

GNE OceanChef Manual AU.pdf

GNE OceanChef XL Manual AU.pdf


Levante 4 OUTLINE DRAWING - 4 Burner.pdf

OC4 OUTLINE DRAWING - 4 Burner.pdf


General Information

Helpful cooking hints from the manufacturer_AU.pdf

Tips and guides that may assist you
Some of these are crude, but still may assist you in resolving issues that you may be having.
Some of the information found in the FORCE10 and ENO Knowledge area is releveant to GN ESPACE and worth looking at.

The quality of these units is superb, and we would expect that the issues are going to be typical issues of carbon build up on the thermoscouple, flat batteries in the ignighter etc..

As we recieve information we will post here.